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Not just notes provides music for weddings and funerals, teaching of piano, flute and classical organ, and professional recording services.

Godelieve Ghavalas started playing organ at a very young age and has now been an organist for nearly 40 years. She can be heard tootling away most weeks at the Corpus Christi Parish in St Ives and Saint Patrick's Church Hill in Sydney. Godelieve has studied with the Royal College of Organists in the UK and has served as President of the Organ Music Society of Sydney where she championed the Youth News to bring young people into the world of Organ Music. The society promotes organ music, puts on concerts, holds events and publishes the Sydney Organ Journal . If you enjoy organ music, why not join ?

If you are in need of one of Sydney's most experienced organists, Godelieve would be delighted to talk to you about playing for your wedding, funeral or any other special occasion. You will be pleasantly surprised at her reasonable rates.

Godelieve teaches piano and organ, and offers the Not Just Notes Scholarship Programme to piano students interested in learning to play the organ.

Interested in buying an organ for your home, parish or community hall? Godelieve is a local representative of All Organs (specialising in Allen Classical and Theatre Organs) and can arrange for information or even a personal demonstration.

You might like to have a look at some of her beautiful compositions:

It is perhaps fair to say, Godelieve is passionate about what she does. It is also perhaps fair to say that the previous sentence understates things just a bit!

Tamaryn Harris (née Ghavalas) can bring elegance to any function. She is available to sing or play flute as background music at your party, wedding or funeral. In fact, she's been known to sing at just about any function that demands it (and some that don't!).

Greg Ghavalas can create professional recordings for any event (including mixing, effects and editing), be it for a large choir, an orchestra, a solo performance, vocal, instrumental, or all of the above. Using advanced software, Greg can also enhance old recordings; convert and optimise old cassette or LP recordings to CD; and produce professional CDs as either a memento or your one-way ticket to stardom!

Gethryn Ghavalas created this website, and can whistle Dixie. If you'd like a simple website designed, please drop him an email.

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